Monday, November 17, 2008

Green Cleaning

I'll list some of my favorite green cleaning tools and hope you'll contribute what you've discovered works without exposing our families, pets and home to potentially hazardous chemicals.

Baking Soda- mixed with water into a paste and used as a cleaner for counters, sinks and bath tubs. I also use it when washing dog and horse laundry. Nothing else can get the smell out.

Distilled White Vinegar- Mixed 1:1 with warm water for cleaning mirrors or windows. Also as a stain remover on floors.

Lemons- juice desolves soap scum and hard water deposits. Throw a peel down the disposal to get rid of odor

Rubbing Alcohol- the single most effective streak free glass and mirror cleaner I've ever used. Also perfect for stainless steel and picks ink up out carpet. (thanks pups!)

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