Monday, November 17, 2008

My Journey to Massage

I have always had more interests than time. My family noted my "short attention span" early. I was only saved from an ADD diagnosis by my habit of reading for several hours at a time.

As I grew older, I came to understand that it was not an attention span issue- I simply was driven to engage. I prefer reading to watching tv, playing sports to watching them, cooking to dining out. I love to learn and experience. I am constantly discovering topics and ideas that I would love to learn more about.

In college, I wandered through majors and minors until settling on marketing. It involved people, research, and was multi-dimensional. It also had more practical applications than some of my other interests (philosophy, for example). Once out of school, I found that an office job was not for me. And I just wasn't quite satisified. Along the way I met my future husband, got married- finding myself also married to the US Army. This raised some additional career concerns: frequent absences, his long days and unpredictable schedule, moving every few years.

I searched around for a career path that would keep me engaged and stimulated, offer constant learning opportunities, play on my marketing experience, and leave me the flexibility to support my husband's career and contribute to my family on my terms. (not too hard, hmm?)

Massage satisfied all those criteria. In addition, while going through massage school, I found that helping others relax, rejuvenate, and alleviate pain was fulfilling on a completely new level. There are so many ways to develop my practice and skills. So many rewards for my clients and myself. It is a journey that I can view with both excitement and contentment.

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