Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Back!!

It's been a while!

I was able to spend about a month around the holidays visiting my parents. Those extra sets of hands really lighten the load. I also had the opportunity to work on a few projects that had fallen by the wayside at home. My mom was able to help me out with my attempt to learn to crochet (it's a lot easier when you can sit next to someone and watch!). I made a lot of progress on putting together a collection of family recipes and memories related to particular dishes. My youngest sister and Dad were able to spend some more time with my little monkey.

I am very lucky to have an exceptionally good natured baby boy. He loves people, is engaging, smiles constantly, and is generally in a good mood. He's growing well (and getting huge- where's that pause button). But we are still dealing with what we suspect is reflux. I say "suspect" because there wasn't a definitive diagnostic that brought us to that conclusion. More of "his symptoms point this direction, and this medication seems to work". Before starting on medication, he was taking very short naps ( rarely more than 40 minutes) and was in a persistent state of being overtired. Tagamet improved the sitaution somewhat, but he still wasn't napping. An appointment with a different ped (we wanted a fresh set of eyes) sent us home with a Rx for Zantac. The Zantac has seen a marked improvement. He now takes some longer naps and has less frequent vomitting. He is also more willing to spend time on his stomach. Now, we're just dealing with the pattern he has established of taking these short frequent naps. It doesn't translate into a whole lot of sleep or free time for mom! The time at my parents, the change of location, helped to shape a bit of behavior change.

Now, I'm back at home and getting the monkey and I back into the swing of things!

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