Monday, August 17, 2009

Treasure! The local Amish Market

Today we decided to venture over the Kentucky state line to find the Amish market that I'd heard about. It took a little while to get there, but was definitely worth the drive! After enjoying the surrounding cornfields and blue skies, we found the store a bit of a small treasure. Ingredients that I haven't been able to find locally since leaving Ft lewis were available in bulk- wheat germ, quinoa, barley, flours from several different specialty grains, organic milk/cheese/butter, homemade jams without granulated sugar, organic sucanet, buckwheat pancake mix, organic fudges, and more! Kevin was thrilled by finding Adirondack colas and ginger ale- which he drank growing up in NY and hadn't had in years. I was thrilled with the prices!

Our haul?
2 liter of Adirondack Ginger Ale
12 oz can Adirondack Cola
12 oz can Adirondack Ginger Ale
1 lb of Almonds
1 lb of Wasabi Peas
2 lbs organic sharp cheddar cheese
2 lbs organic mozzarella
1 lb wheat germ
5 lbs quinoa
1 lb organic sucanet

For less than $20.

I will definitely be going back! Regularly! The Amish ladies working in the back store room packing herbs were thrilled with GM, coming out to say how cute he was, and were very sweet in general. It was an altogether pleasant shopping experience, with addition of benefiting local farmers and companies and fitting in with my clean eating goals. Next time we'll also visit the bakery.

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