Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Menu

I find meal planning one of the single most effective ways of making my life easier. I spend less on groceries, eat healthier, stress less in the afternoons when the baby won't sleep and feel more organized. That last one might be the most important.

I eat the same breakfast every day for a week, then rotate. Just makes it easier for me. This week will be Nested Eggs.

lunch- Cranberry Chicken Salad
dinner- Creamy Chicken Chili

lunch- leftover chili
dinner- Couscous Stirfry

lunch-tilapia pouch with rice
dinner- egg fried rice

lunch-tilapia pouch
dinner- chicken and broccoli pasta

lunch-tilapia pouch
dinner- acorn squash with beans and rice

lunch- leftovers
dinner- CrockPot Roast

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